So here we are

So here we are

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We are Sophie and Rob.

We decided to start this little blog to document our ventures since making a few huge life changes that have landed us in rural Kent. Rob is “trying to climb the legal ladder, whilst trying (mostly in vain) to hide a disturbingly anorakish affinity for cars”. His words, not mine. I am a food fanatic and currently exploring a passion for baking sourdough breads, with hopes to turn it into a career. We’re both 25 years old, vegan, and got engaged Christmas day 2014.

Our home is the cottage that served as Rob’s childhood home, built in 1887 it is our constant project, and everything that comes to owning an old house and land is new to us. Somewhat thrust into the situation that lead to us acquiring it, we are both settling into countryside living with surprising ease, and getting stuck into making big plans for our new home. Including hosting our own wedding there, a DIY extravaganza more festival than wedding, happening in just 6 months!

We have two fantastic dogs, Kaylee, a 5 year old springer cross lab and my dog from puppyhood, and our new rescue, Nyx, a 1.5 year old German shepherd cross border collie from Romania. We also have my lovely old rat, Bert, who was my dorm room companion during my time in Slovakia.

Sourdough, wedding toppers, dogs and Rob being their crazy selves.

That’s about all for now, expect future musings on countryside and veganism, recipes, DIY and crafting projects, wedding plans and our travels. Let’s see where this goes!